What Is Business IT – And It’s Relations To The Business Analyst?

What Is Business IT and where does a business analyst come in?

IT is the abbreviation for Information Technology, where it relates to businesses.

In most business department’s it will specifically be the computer department. Most people believe it is an innovative department where the geeks congregate to come up with some new discovery.

The fact is there is truth in this premise. IT is responsible for some of the everyday technological advances that maybe taken for granted today.

The Contributions Of Business IT

It’s not an exaggeration to say that IT department’s are the pioneer of the banking system we have today. They are credited with the creation of the software responsible for online banking systems and debit and credit cards in use today.

Without the IT software lending institutions would need to figure out sums with their hands, rather than with the amortization calculators they now have.

It’s a fact that if a system has been generated by a computer, the chances are it was an IT department that designed it.

Some More thoughts about IT

There are many things that have been developed by the IT department in many companies. If we stop and consider for a second, the number of processors we use from cell phones to cordless phones. All of these things are powered by code.

Other things include Bluetooth computers in a vehicle, these are all run on code designed and developed in an IT department.

The Business Analyst In Relation to IT

In the case of a business analyst, whether they know how to write code, or have directly been involved with IT they will always understand the intricacies. Having this information gives them the insight to speak with those within the department and determine what needs to be done.

Business IT  and the Analyst Process

Usually a business analyst will help in such cases where a stakeholder may want to communicate an idea they have to the IT department.

A Hypothetical Scenario

The idea maybe something that helps to make a certain process easier.

The idea in-turn will have the goal of creating faster production, which may result in less man hours. This will usually mean the business can save money in a particular area.

Reducing the payroll will mean more money for the company overall, which can be spent in other area.

Once the idea is communicated to the IT department by the stakeholder, they provide the code needed for the idea. Now if a problem arises, for instance the code coming up with an error!

This is where a business analyst is most likely to be called upon.

The Business Analyst In Action

The analyst will start by listening to the stakeholder. They will then decide the viability of the stakeholders needs. By looking at the idea and the program. The business analyst will then determine if more is needed, in-order to satisfy the stakeholder and end user.

When the exact needs are determined the business analyst will take this information to the IT department to get the project put in process.

Now you have a better perspective of the significance IT has has in all electronics, I’m sure you have a greater respect for them. As a business analyst you will excel because you understand the impact of other peoples contributions.

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