Skills For Resume Writing Success – Resume Objective Statements And More

How to Make a Good Resume

You need the skills for resume writing success if you want to make a good resume. The first thing you need to have is the purpose of your resume.

You need to consider the importance of your resume and what it communicates about you. When you create a good one, it will be the gateway between you and the job you are after.

A good resume is going to provide your potential employer with more than your work history. A well constructed resume will have personality – giving your desired employer a clear picture of your expertise and why you’re perfect for the position.

Having all this in mind will aid in what to write on a resume, whether it’s resume for first job, second or third.

With all the ingredients mentioned above your resume will hold the employers interest, and they will read it from top to bottom. And your end result will be achieved, which is a job interview.

The things your resume need to include are:

  1. Your contact information, i.e. name, address, phone, email address, website address.
  2. Your defined job objective.
  3. Your work history.
  4. Your Educational history.
  5. Your Affiliations.
  6. Your References.

With all these things on your resume you should also be using quality paper and printing.

Resume Presentation

You should be aware that an employer is likely to recieve many resumes, that are boring and typical. What this means for you, if you take the time to produce something of quality, is that it will stand out!

Your resume needs to impress in the first few seconds, because the employer is likely to be scanning through hundreds and highlighting those that have caught their eye.

Strong honest statements on your resume will be the key to success. You should never try to oversell your self. You should think of a resume as product selling instrument – in this case you’re the product. This article will help you sell your self the best you can, even better than candidates more qualified than you.

Impressing the Employer

The first thing you need to ask your self is who you are writing for? You then need to understand that this person only wants to know if you can do a good job.

To be in with a chance, you need to know you are right for the job. You need to know everything about the company, and the qualities they require you to have. You have to believe you’re not only a good candidate but, that you are the best.

Time to Start Writing

Now you know how to make a good resume, it’s time to start writing. You should start by:

Writing down exactly what the employer(s) is looking for & what it is you bring to the table.

Then you can make some notes about:

Your training and experience, your unique characteristics, special talents, even your attitude – All the things that will shows you as the most qualified person for the job you’re after.

If you’re new to the job world, you will need to be creative. You can use past experiences, such as upbringing, life exposure and anything else that makes you unique.

During this jotting down process you will find that, brief statements will become sentences, which inturn become paragraphs. You should keep this information safe.

What’s an Impress Resume?

The major selling point of your resume will be powerful and assertive statements, which mention your talents, characteristics and accomplishments. Don’t be shy here either, make sure you sell your self!

The second selling point is showing that you are qualified. You can prove this by listing education, experience, work history and any other relevant affiliations that prove your substance.

So with all this in mind, you should know if you present more than a chronological account of boring life events (which is most candidates resume), you will watch as your phone rings for job interviews

It’s your job to leave your employer wanting more.

The Objective for the Resume

The resume objective statement is where you tell the employer precisely what job you are applying for. Avoid saying, things such as you’re seeking a management postion. Resume objective statements should convince the employers that you’re the right person for the position.

The objective section will come after you have listed your contact information. It’s you chance to let the employer see what you have to offer, and that it’s what they’re looking for.

When they see you’re the right person, they are very likely going to continue down the resume, for more information.

At this point the employers will be seperating the wheat from the chaff. Employers are fully aware that many candidate have no idea what they want, so this is the perfect opportunity to distiguish your self.

Employers are not looking for, unsure candidates an objective resume will highlight that you are going to contribute what they are looking for to the company.

You should also be aware the employer wants you to meet their needs not your own goals and agenda. You will need to present your skills, in such a way that the employer believes you want to serve their company, and not be a hinderance.

You will need a dynamite objective, as it needs to catch their attention in seconds. You should clearly state the job title you are after and then add some key phrases to show you will meet their exact needs.

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What is a Cover Letter for a Resume?

It’s important that you know some of the benefits of the cover letter, not just the resume, so here is a brief look at the benefits of the cover letter.

The cover letter is a letter of introduction, it’s purpose is to highlight your accomplishments and how they fit the job. The cover letter is used to draw focus to your resume, so it’s very powerful when written correctly.

The cover letter will need to bee specific to each job you apply for. It tells the employer what job you’re after and how you’re qualified to do the job.

It can explain things a resume ordinarily would not. Situations such as large gaps in employment history, reentering the job market a change of your career, relocating, conducting a long-distance job-search, can all be explained positively with a cover letter.

The Resume Summary

When writing your resume summary, the aim is to make an impact. It is where you explain the best parts of why you are qualified for the job.

The goal is for the employer to see the summary, which inturn makes thema focus on your best accomplishments, talents and qualities.

Resume Summary Examples

Once the employer has read the summary there should me no doubt in their mind that you’re the best person for the job. A good summary will make you shine! More importantly after reading, just the summary the employer will be compelled to read on.

You can enhance this section by using colorful and descriptive words. For instance if sales is your thing. You can say you’re a “gifted” sales man or woman, who can close sales quickly and comfortably!

If you happen to be talented in hair dressing. You can say some something like your creations have been featured at XYZ hair show – and you techniques are now used through out your area code. I’m sure your getting the idea now, of how important the summary is?

With in this section you only need to put in information that highlights your special qualities and sets you apart. This is perfectly achieved when you write a good summary.

Your summary will show your prospective employer that you alone are going to be the best fit for the position needed to be filled. So you need to ensure it is tailored towards prospective employer’s Needs

When writing notes for your resume, you should have written down notes on what makes you the best person for the job. And the many different qualities.

The summary should match the specific needs that the job requires. Every statement needs to be targeted to show the employer what makes you a right fit for the position.

You will need to work on writing positive and affirming statements that exemplify the unique ability and talent, you have to be the most effective in the intended position. You should practice using descriptive words.

For instance, instead of writing that you’re a good leader, you can write that you’re a “proven leader” who has initiative and motivational skills that inspire others to act! You need to describe why you’re good at what you do, so that it’s clear and there’s no room for interpretation.

If you use terms like “good” and “competent”, remember these are general terms. You also need to describe how you have these attributes!

Below, you’ll see some good suggestions to help you compose your Summary section. You can use the methods that best suit your skill-set.

You will need to experiment and find the method, that best reflects what you have to offer the perspective employer. Remember, the resume summary is critical to the resumes success.

There’s no need to use all the suggestions here. Using them all maybe considered over kill. The aimm is to say as much as you can, while writing as little as possible.

Resume Summary Examples Steps

  1. Start with a concise phrase that describes your profession.
  2. Write another concise phrase that shows your broad or specialized experience.

Then you can make a few more concise statements that show the following:

  1. What you full skill-set is
  2. a varied number of your skills
  3. diversity of experience you have
  4. an accomplishment that is impressive
  5. Something that is remarkable about your accomplishments.

Additional Optional inclusions

  • You Professional achievements
  • Some Personal Characteristics worth noting
  • A Concise statement to highlight professional objective.

Skills and Accomplishments section: Skills to Put on a Resume

Skills and Accomplishments section: Skills to Put on a Resume

The Summary section of your resume, is a place for bragging a little. And the Skills and Accomplishments section is where you can brag some more.

This section will conclude and show all the skills you put on your resume that qualify you for the position you’re applying for.  This will all lead to showing the employer that they they shouldn’t consider anybody else for the job because the journey stops with YOU!

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How do you Show Your Best Skills?

The main objective is to show you are the best person for the job. You do this by going into more detail about all the that you wrote in your Summary section.

You will need to word this in such a way that it’s not repetitious. Pulling this off professionally, will mean that you will command the attention you are looking for, from the employer!

The key point about your resume skills here is not about informing the empoloyer, you are going to highlight to them what they already believe to be true.

Here is a check list for skills for the resume accomplishment section. You can use these resume skills examples to help you write a killer accomplishemnt section.

You will need to go into good detail about the following:

  • Note benchmark or landmark accomplishments that resulted from your unique skill-set.
  • Use facts, figures and statistics, and demonstrate how your best efforts produced the best results.
  • Your specific talents and unique gifts as related to your job.
  • All the accomplishments that set you apart.

The aim here is to go into detail and use clear, crisp writing that sums up your expertise. You need to be detailed but not in a way that this section reads like a story.

Key Point – It’s best to write in a way that hints at things.  You want your prospective employer to be left intrigued so that they call you in for the interview to learn more!  This is critical.

Resume Formatting

resume example image

We have identified Three Resume format styles.

These three basic resumes styles are: Chronological, Functional, and  Chronological/Functional combined.

Three Resume Format Examples Explained

The Chronological Resume

This is the most structurally formatted of the three.

  • Experience section is the key.
  • Jobs are listed in detail.
  • No focus of skills or achievements at beginning of resume.
  • Used generally when remaining in same job or career.
  • Caters to conservative type positions.
  • Always has an Objective section and Summary section.
  • Used especially with legal and academic professions.

This resume type is ideal when:

  1. Applying for positions within a more conservative profession.
  2. Of particular interest to older, more traditional types.
  3. Wanting to show good job detail and highlight employer names.

This resume type is not ideal when:

  1. You want to showcase your best qualities and experience.
  2. Wanting to make a change in career.

The Final Basic Resume Format is the Chronological/Functional Combined

  • Can include headings of various jobs held with description of accomplishments.


  • Only a brief job description chronology.
  • Only a brief Achievements and Skills section.


  • More detailed Summary that includes skills and qualifications.

This resume type is ideal when:

  • Wishing to take advantage of both resume types.
  • Highlights positives and down plays any possible negatives of either type of resume.

This resume type is not ideal when:

  • Wishing to present a shorter resume.

Writing a Resume that Makes an Impression

Using good resume action words can improve your resume you can use some of the words from the list below:

Use These Resume Power Words with Confidence

**See ebook for power words page 18! (Like to Download Below)

To practice with these action words, use your old resume, and randomly, look for the right places to put any one of the action power words. I’m sure you will see the transformation your old resume has.

You should also make strategic use of adjectives when writing your resume.

Remember, an Adjective is for describing.  When writing it’s important to describe all the things that are important to you and your accomplishments.

Writing with good description will make your resume much more interesting!

Sample Resume Templates

Here are 5 of some of the best resume templates that we have compiled for you. All these resume templates are free of charge. Just hit like on the box below for the resume templates free download. You can choose the best resume template from the ones we have here. The the templates are word document so that you can edit them and change information on them.

Words of Encouragement

Now you have all the available tips for creating a world class resume it’s time to get that job you’re after.

Millions of people everyday leave their homes for jobs they hate. This is not the road you have to be stuck to with this information. It’s now time for you to change the course of your future.

You now have the know-how that many lack, which prevents them from making the change they really desire. Many reasons deter a person from leaving a job they hate – the biggest thing is the fear of leaving a job and jeopardising their weekly income.

Whatever reason, there’s always a better way to live.  All that is requires is for you to take action. Of course there’s always an element of risk involved, but that is what it takes to be successful.

It’s not always easy to change, but we all deserve the very best. Having a meaningful and purpose filled life can be the one driving force that adds fullfilment to our days. Finding that meaninging and purpose through our work, through our career, is always a well found bonus!

It’s time to take your passion for life and make it into your career. Live your dreams in reality, now, while you still can. Your job, your career, your life, can be what ever you want them to be.


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