Entry And Senior Level Business Analyst Salaries

Entry And Senior Business Analyst Salary Reports

The average salary for a business analyst can vary depending on a number of different things. First of all experience can play a part, which means an entry level business analyst and senior business analyst salary, will receive different salaries, which is to be expect.

The Business analyst salary is an intrigue for most people because of the nature of the job and how open it is, and the inability to narrow down the job description to one thing.

I think you are going to surprised and delighted when you see what the earning potentials of a business analyst are, whether you are an entry level analyst or more senior, there’s substantial money on the table in this profession…

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Entry And Senior Business Analyst Salary – Summary

You will be pleased to know that being an entry level and senior level Business analyst can be a question of experience and/or age.

This means that your potential for earning can increase considerably over time.

Here I will give you information regarding the average wage for a business analyst monthly (the earnings will be in USD) considering different factors such as:

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in United States in Business Analyst

Maximum:10,800 USD
Average: 5,446 USD
Median: 5,000 USD
Minimum: 3,000 USD

Salary Comparison By Job Title

Business Analyst 5,446 USD
Software Engineer 5,511 USD
Business Systems Analyst5,729 USD
ERP Analyst 6,361 USD
Systems Analyst6,669 USD
Systems Architect 8,247 USD
Director of Application Development 9,250 USD
Software Architect 9,369 USD
Enterprise Infrastructure Architect 9,996 USD

Salary Comparison By Experience

2 Years 4,000 USD
3 Years 4,433 USD
4 Years 3,750 USD
5 Years 6,667 USD
6 Years 4,500 USD
8 Years 3,333 USD
11 Years 8,650 USD
14 Years 5,000 USD
17 Years 7,375 USD
25 Years 7,592 USD

Salary Comparison By Age

25 Years 3,500 USD
27 Years 5,500 USD
28 Years 4,500 USD
29 Years 4,000 USD
35 Years 3,750 USD
36 Years 7,044 USD
37 Years 3,333 USD
44 Years 7,375 USD
45 Years 6,500 USD
47 Years 7,592 USD

Salary Comparison By Gender

Male5,573 USD
FeMale 5,192 USD

The source for these salaries is: Salaryexplorer.com


What are Salary Explorer’s sources for salary and income information?

We basically use the information submitted by our users but we also have a database of salary information gathered from requirement agencies, companies and employers.

We blend this information together to generate as accurate results as possible. We also employ highly sophisticated statistical formulas to make sure that the figures submitted are not exaggerated.

With these types of salaries it is safe to say that this is an industry worth getting in too. See:  A Look At The Business Analyst Certification Processes

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