Business Analyst Degree? – Is It Necessary For A Business Analyst

Business Analyst Degree Necessary to be a Business Analyst

As with all professions a lack of education is going to be a drawback. This is especially true when breaking into the business world. The amount of business management course and the like, are plentiful. This type of training is not necessarily what a Business Analyst needs though.

In a business analyst’ s profession a degree is a good asset to have, but is certainly not essential at all. The role of a business analyst is truly hands on, which means experience plays a huge role in landing a job.

They are some world changing business analysts that never even stepped foot into a college. And in many case if they did, they did not take a business course. It would have been in all likely hood been in the area of technology.

All this being said a business analyst can earn a degree if he or she wants. With in the field of business analysis there are certain certification courses, which will give the aspiring analyst the title of “certified business analyst”. These course(s) can be a great introduction to business analysis, but keep in mind most good business analysts have become good from experience, not books.

As stated earlier the education of a good business analyst will hinge a lot on the experience that they have. They will have the ability to assess business proposals or projects and know exactly what’s needed to bring together the relevant data.

This kind of understanding can only come from experience as a book can not really teach this. Although as with all things it is possible to apply theory in a practical way, but experience will be needed.

Business Analyst Certification

A business analyst certification process will only take 8 weeks to complete, which is basically 2 months.

Within this process the aspiring or experiences analyst will get a full explanation of what the job entails and how to implement the different strategies.

The 8 weeks of studies will be crammed with a ton of information, which comes straight out of a text book. Obviously the real world of business analysis will differ.

  • What you can expect to learn from certification

You will learn that a good analyst has an understanding of code(s).

You will learn that after researching a good analyst will know what the problems are that have been reported by management.

If a solution has a simple fix you will learn how to solve it.

In some cases there maybe a more extensive research methodology to apply (this type of research will require a savvy business analyst). Implementation of the right action plan is always going to be the best problem solver.

You will learn that the best analysts will need to have the ability to speak with management or stakeholders, to determine what problems and solutions have previously been used.

Understanding this will give the business analyst a better idea of what the root of the conflict(s) maybe.

You will learn that it is necessary for the business analyst to glean through information, as well as listen to what they are told to get the truth, this may require:

  • The business analyst to speaking with the IT department to get there take on the problem.
  • Speaking to low end users of a program who are likely to know more about the programs application(s) as this is a good source of research because this is often where departments fail to provide the right solution, for real life scenarios.

Business Analyst Degree – In Summary

Do you need a degree or certified licensing to be a business analyst and understand the issues of business? The answer is NO.

Does it help to have a degree or certification? YES. Having a degree and certification will certainly, help your resume, but a degree, certification and past experiences that have been solved will certainly get you much further.

Obviously an 8 weeks training certification is never going to be enough to justify your abilities as a fully fledged, qualified business analyst.

Being certified will certainly give you a deeper theoretical understanding or terminology and can be a great place to start your business analyst career.

Certification training is also a great edition to an experienced business analyst, who would like official accreditation.

The good thing about certification is that it is very affordable and flexible. A common way of doing it is online, so you can easily fit it around your current work schedule.


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