3 Major Tips When Preparing For Business Analyst Interview Questions

3 Business Analyst Interview Tips

Business analyst interview questions are an important part of getting the job, so here you are going to get 3 of the very best tips you can use to tackle all the questions that are thrown at you.

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But for now you need to take note of these 3 vital tips that you should use when encountered with interview questions.

You will definitely need to be prepared for the questions that will be thrown at you in an interview. As jobs within the business analyst industry can be related to specific industries due diligence will certainly be needed.

You will need to think laterally when encountering all business analyst interview questions. You can begin this process by looking at the job description, the type of work and where possible gather information directly from the employer that you will be encountering.

Simple Research Techniques

Checking out the employers website if they have one is a great source of publicly available information (Within the business analyst industry the chances are the employer will have a website). The website will allow you to assess the important areas within the business and the companies operational policies.

3 Tips You Can Use To Prepare For Business Analyst Interview Questions.

(1) – Tackling the Behavioral Interview Issues

A business analyst interview will be very professionally structured. This means they may differ significantly from the usually behavioral interview considerations.

You are likely to have to go through a more hands on functional behavioral process, which would consist of the following:

  • You having to solve problems
  • Your communication capabilities
  • Your history and client relationships
  • Your ability to organize

(2) – Assessment of Core Skills

In the interview there will be great emphasis on your core skills for the position in question, so doing your research specifically about the company in question is paramount.

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There will also be some generic questioning so here are some of the areas the questions will be based around:

  • Do you have required documents
  • Data modeling experience you have
  • Dealings with vendors
  • Business models experience
  • Cash flow expertise
  • Unified Modeling language
  • Gap analysis

The interviewer will ask you to provide actual situations you have had that demonstrate your experience within your professional career.

The quality of your information is the deciding factor, you will need to prepare, so that you can present your answers in the best way that showcases your skills and experience.

The recommended way for you to show case your skills, is through use of the STAR technique. When you get to the A and R i.e. “Action” and “Result“, you should give the employer a statement about your expertise and the values of your action and result from previous employers.

Here’s an example of what you might say for a cash flow question when using the A and R technique:

Action: “We Were able to re-evaluate the business operations, which gave us the information to ensure maximum cash flow, so unnecessary stages were removed from the process. This enabled us to remove over heads that amounted to 50% of the monthly business cash flow.”

Result: “When the overheads were removed this turned the business from non-viable and insolvent to a business that now has a very strong capital earnings base. We went on to make profits of $1.6 million net in the businesses first quarter. This enabled the business to expand and open new outlets from the earnings. Since then the business has expanded further opening two similar outlets with similar earnings for each.”

I’m sure you can see the definitely verifiable values within this answer? And the clear demonstration of expertise.

This is what you will be able to achieve with any business analyst interview questions, when you follow all the steps within this article.

(3) –  The Presentation

The presentations you make will be core to your success within the interview, this is why it is so important to do it effectively. To do that you will have to:

  • Ensure you communicate clearly
  • Present showing good personal character
  • Show a high professional competency
  • Display strong interpersonal skills
  • Stay clear of the use of any jargon
  • Use the right professional terminology
  • Be engaging
  • Make you answers interesting and relevant

Once you have carried out all the stage here you should be more than prepared for any business analyst questions that come your way.

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